Orange County Transportation Sales Tax Referendum

New investments in Orange County infrastructure will reduce traffic congestion on area roads, offer new, more efficient transit service, create jobs and economic growth and most importantly – improve everyone’s safety and quality of life.

Orange County residents spend too much time sitting in traffic and deserve better, faster and cleaner transit services and modern roads.

A new 1% sales tax – paid primarily by tourists and Orange County visitors – can fund priority projects that will benefit everyone in the county.

“It will be an economic driver that will create jobs, opportunities and connectivity. It will be an evolutionary process that will be something going forward for decades. Our residents are frustrated by the current state of affairs in Orange County. It is important they see themselves benefitting from this.”

– Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings at the Jan. 25, 2022 Board of County Commissioners’ Transportation Initiative Work Session

Move Orange County Forward

Move Orange County Forward is the campaign tasked with the passage of Orange County’s transportation referendum that would annually generate $600 million, more than 50 percent of which would be paid for by tourists. This funding would be split with 45 percent dedicated to safety and roads (includes maintenance and drainage), 45 percent dedicated to transit services (capital, operations and maintenance) and 10 percent for individual municipalities’ transportation needs and priorities beyond Orange County’s responsibility.

This measure’s passage would double our transit infrastructure and create the reliable and efficient system our region deserves; vastly improve pedestrian safety; create and expand desperately needed East-West connectivity; and allow Orange County to draw down billions in additional matching funding through the recently passed Infrastructure Bill.