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Common Questions

How will more than 50% of the new proposed transportation funding be paid by tourists and visitors?2022-10-13T15:57:16+00:00

Orange County has over 75 million visitors annually. The proposed tax will not apply to certain items typically purchased by Orange County residents, such as essential food items, prescription drugs or utilities, and will be capped on large purchases, only applying to the first $5,000 per single purchase of sales from retail goods and services. While traveling, visitors and tourists are more likely to purchase retail and service goods rather than essential items, generating over half of the transportation sales tax*.

*Orlando Transportation Referendum Report

Why do we need new transportation funding now?2022-10-13T15:54:54+00:00

Orange County has grown by almost 300,000 new residents in the last decade and the County cannot keep pace with current and future needs. 1 out of every 4 roads is operating at over capacity. The transportation needs of the county represent a variety of services and infrastructure, such as public transportation, freeways, highways, local streets, pedestrian bicycle networks, and lighting. Typical Orange County households already waste 120-140 hours in traffic annually*.

*Orange County Transportation Initiative Report

How will this project improve my quality of life?2022-10-13T15:53:21+00:00

The average Orange County household is estimated to save $1,700-$2,000 annually in total savings from direct out-of-pocket transportation expenses. If passed, transportation and infrastructure improvements are expected to save each household 120-140 hours per year in travel time. Orange County residents will save additional time and have less transportation related expenses, which will save them money*.

*Orange County Transportation Initiative Report

How will the funds be used among road, transit and other uses?2022-10-13T15:49:59+00:00

45% of the transportation referendum funds will go towards improving and expanding transit and infrastructure, 45% will go toward improving safety measures, roadways, and operation and maintenance, and 10% will go to local municipalities directly in their control to address their local transportation needs*.

*Orange County Transportation Initiative Report

Why will it take a 1% increase in the sales tax to fund transportation initiatives?2022-10-12T17:57:04+00:00

This transportation initiative is a joint effort between the County and the Federal Government. The current funding is projected to be inadequate to meet the identified needs. The County must have matching funds to compete for federal funds available through grant programs and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), passed in November 2021. This referendum is projected to generate $600 million annually in County revenues, which will be matched by federal revenues*.

*Orange County Transportation Initiative Report
How do these transportation improvements consider sustainability?2022-10-12T18:01:45+00:00

Transportation currently causes 36% of Orange County’s greenhouse gas emissions*. This initiative will help create a more efficient transit system to reduce the number of emissions overall. This includes adding and improving the safety of bike lanes throughout the county.

*Transportation Fast Facts
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