Vote YES on Transportation

  • Effectively Managing Growth

    Orange County has experienced explosive growth, with nearly 300,000 new residents arriving over the last decade, but transportation investments have not kept pace. As a result, everyone suffers from more traffic, more lost time and more frustration getting to work, home, school or just out to enjoy Orange County.

    We can address these challenges by making new, smart investments.

  • Less Time Wasted and More Money Saved

    The need is clear. Studies estimate each year the average Orange County household wastes more than 140 hours – or nearly 6 days – in travel time. Road and transit improvements will save the average Orange County household between $1,700 and $2,000* in annual transportation expenses.

  • Fairness

    The funding will double the current transit system, creating more frequent and reliable service for those who depend on transit to get to work, school or access health care. Increasing transit ridership will help reduce congestion on roads, helping everyone, including drivers who never use transit.

  • Local Control, Transparency and Accountability

    10% of the new funding will go directly to individual towns and cities to fund local priorities under their direct control. All projects will be reviewed by a Citizen’s Oversight Board, which will conduct public audits every year to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

  • Visitors and Tourists Will Pay Most of the Tax

    It is estimated that more than 50% of the tax generated will be paid by tourists and visitors to Orange County and not county residents. To limit the impact on Orange County families, the sales tax will not apply to essential food items, prescription drugs or utilities and the tax will be capped on large purchases like a new car or truck.

  • New Tax Dollars will Secure Millions in Matching State and Federal Funding

    The new sales tax funds can be used to access other state and federal funding, dramatically increasing the resources available right here in Orange County to build better, more efficient, and safer transportation options.